How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Nothing can be more annoying than being locked out of the home and not having the spare keys. The situation worsens when it’s raining or the weather is too hot or cold. This makes it necessary for you to hire a locksmith who can safely and quickly unlock your door. 

However, how much does a Locksmith cost? The average locksmith’s price depends on several factors, including the type of service, whether the lock is modern or simple, and the time of day.  

A locksmith costs from $50 to $160 per hour. However, the cost can change depending on what services they’re offering you. Let’s look at the prices of different services you may get from them.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Locksmith Cost for Different Services

Unlocking the Door

If you’ve locked yourself out of your house, hiring a locksmith will cost you between $50 and $180. That also includes the trip fee. The cost can be higher if you’re hiring them in an emergency or late at night.

Change of the Lock

If your door lock is damaged and you want to change it, the cost of hiring a locksmith can range from $50 to $75 per hour. A trip fee will also be charged extra for this service, which will depend on how far your location is. 

Duplication of the Key

Having a duplicate key can help you save the money of the locksmith when you are locked out of your home or car. If you don’t have one already and want the locksmith to duplicate it, you may have to pay between $75 and $400.

Commercial Locksmithing

For the lockout of any commercial property, such as offices, retail stores, and industrial facilities, the cost can range from $150 to $450.  The lock change can cost from $150 to $200, including the locksmith’s trip fee. The price can be higher depending on the complexity of the lock.

Key Extraction

When the keys are broken off in the lock, the locksmith will charge $50 to $200 for the key extraction, including the trip fee. The cost will be higher if you call in an emergency during late night hours or on the weekend.

Installation of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can be the best for added security of the doors. If you hire a locksmith to install the deadbolt locks, it can cost from $50 to $70. The cost of the labour can be extra, which could range from $40 to $50.

Rekeying a Car

If your car keys get lost and stolen, using the Rekeying locksmith service is the best way to ensure its safety. The service can cost from $75 to $400.

Rekey Home Locks

Rekeying the home locks can cost from $70 to $160. This is way cheaper than completely changing the lock system.

Installation of Electronic Locks

The estimated cost of a locksmith for installing electronic locks is $100 to $500. However, a complete smart home security system installation will cost up to $2,000.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Locksmith

  • Complexity of the Job: The more complex the job is, the more the charges will be.
  • Type of Lock: What type of lock you’re getting serviced, like the standard, electronic, or deadbolt locks, will also affect the cost.
  • Number of Locks: The more locks that need to be serviced, the higher the overall cost.
  • Labor Costs: Some services like installing locks, key extraction, or rekeying the car may include extra labor, which comes with an additional cost. 
  • Additional Parts or Materials: Additional fees may apply for parts, materials, or keys needed for the job.

These factors affect the cost of a locksmith. If you want affordable Locksmith services, consider contacting Affordable Signature Locksmith.


The cost of a locksmith’s call-out fee can vary based on a few factors. Things like where you are, how quickly you need the service, and how complicated the job is can all affect the price. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $180 for a basic call-out fee.

They charge higher prices because they’re available 24/7 for your services. Plus, they spend a lot on getting their training, license, and insurance. The cost of their tools and skills is also the reason they cost higher. And they truly deserve it.

The cost of a locksmith’s service depends on the type of service, the time of day, and the complexity of the work. However, on average, it costs $160 per hour, often including trips if your location isn’t too far away. The trip charges will also be higher if the area is far away.